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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 11, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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>>megyn: today is 11-11-11 and i had one 11 on 11-11-11. what does "studio b" have? trace? >>trace: the news begins anew on "studio b." we hear from the mother of a boy who says he was abused by a penn state football coach and now the coach reported an incident to paterno is getting death threats. stocks up in a big way, new confidence that europe could prevent a world economic collapse. and new details in the abduction of a promising major league baseball player. what witness saw and what police are doing to find the armed gunmen. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b."
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but, first, from fox at 3:00, a key figure in the penn state child sex abuse scandal will it is out saturday's game. school officials say there have been multiple threats against assistant football coach and that it is in the best interests of all if he does not attend the final home game of the season. remember, he is the witness who told investigators that he saw former defensive coordinator sandusky sodomizing a little boy in the showers at the team's football complex back in 2002 and says he does not intervene and instead hold head coach paterno who reported it and this date the board fired the learn endary coach ending his 61-year tenure with the team. the university's long serving president seen here with paterno, also, lost his job. and, they are not facing charges but many are questioning how much they knew and when they
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knew it. according to court documents sandusky when the victims over 15 years through a charity he founded for at risk kids. listen to what he said back in 2007 about his work with children. >> it has been an opportunity, an opportunity for me to have been touch by so many great people who have volunteered their time and energy and opportunity to see some special young emovercome some challenges in their life and go on to lead a life of excellence. an opportunity to low out a rope to some kids and if they grab hold they can be champions. >>trace: but at least officials say eight young boys became victims, subject to graphic sexual assaulted, many which took place on the campus of penn state university as the nittany lions prepare for the final game today without their beloved coach, it is clear that this ugly scandal is far from over. the penn state board trustees has appointed a special
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committee to vest exactly what happened and why it took so long for police to get involved. and, now, the prosecution in texas are considering bringing new charms against sandusky after allegationses he took one of his suspected victims on the road with him. we have team fox coverage, jonathan hunt, has reaction from the mother of victim number one, but, first, to david lee miller like in state college, pennsylvania. the board of trustees met today. what is the latest? >>reporter: well, the board met in the building behind me. a 24 hour meeting. the board meeting included the governor, during the meeting we heard from the chairman of this newly established committee that is going to investigate what took so long in uncovering the alleged abuse on campus, the chairman of the committee, identif identified as merck firm suit california said "we will get to the bottom of this," and we heard from the chairman of
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the board of trustees at penn state and he says the board was committed to restoring public trust in the institution. here is some of the other things he said. listen. >> the committee will undertake a full and complete investigation of the circumstances that gave rise to the grand jury report. it will be commissioned and determined what failures occurred, who is responsible, and what measures are necessary to ensure that this never happens again. >>reporter: in another development we are told that someone has vandalized the home of sandusky and sandusky is the accused pedophile in this case. there is increasing concern here that there could be some time of violence this weekend. we saw, of course, the outrage expressed earlier this week by students. this was rioting and there is a very visible police presence on
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this campus and we expect it will certainly continue throughout the weekend. >>trace: and back to the investigation, david lee it seems to be expanding. >>reporter: that's right. there are reports that more victims have now come forward, the attorneys general will not confirm that because they say this is an ongoing investigation but as you mentioned earlier there is a possibility, now, that san antonio, texas, could be getting involved in 1999 when an alleged victim identified in the court papers as victim number four, reportedly traveled to san antonio, texas, with sandusky to attend a bowl game. it is possible illegal activity took place there. san antonio police issued a statement we are investigating the possibility that an offense may have happened while here in san antonio and we should also point out that victim number four traveled to tampa, florida, for a bell game in 1998. tampa officials say they have not been in contact with anyone
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from pennsylvania but it certainly looks like the scandal is spreading wherever sandusky traveled with the children, this can be the possibility that abuse may have taken place. >>trace: it grows and gets uglier. the mother of one of sandusky's alleged victims says her son hinted about what was happening but was simply too ashamed to hell her. her son call the the former coach "weird," and later told her he felt powerless against the older map. the boy was just 11 years old when they first met and he says the sexual abuse began between 2005 and 2006 and that is at least three years after that disturbing shower incident that a witness reported to school officials. the fox report's chief correspondent is like from new york. this has to be devastating for a parent to discover.
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>>jonathan: hard to imagine your young son saying he has been abused in the most unspeakable fashion by a man whom everyone on that campus for a long time looked up to. but that is exactly what happened to the mother of a boy known only as victim one. she sat down with george stephanopolis of abc's good morning america to talk about her reaction when her son finally told her exactly what he says happened to him. listen. >> i said maybe we should have come to the conclusion earlier, and you should have told me. and, he was, like, well, he said, i didn't know what to do. i didn't know what to do and you just can't tell jerry no. >> he is just a little kid. he felt stuck. >> the mother's voice and space disguised to protect the identity of the alleged victim and you heard what she said.
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her son told her it's hard to tell jerry "no." at the time of the abuse he was 11 years old. trace. >>trace: jonathan, what are the victims' families saying about their legal options? than than they have the opposite to -- option to bring a civil case, and there is an attorney, now, representing several of the victims' families. this particular mother, though, is waiting for the criminal case as they all have to and he is very clear on what she wants to see happen to sandusky. >> i want justice. i want him, i want him to be locked up. there is no, there is no help for someone that does this. not like this. he needs to be put away. he needs to be put away for a long time. >>jonathan: and her view of the coach paterno, this mother said he did the absolute minimum
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that he needed to do legally but he had a moral duty to do far, far more and she believes penn state was absolutely right to fire that coach. trace? >>trace: we will have much more open the future of joe paterno. thank you, jonathan. the markets are soaring today as italy and greece take new steps to control their spiraling debt problems. european facing a crisis experts have warn could pull the united states and other nations back into a very deep recession. italy's senate has approved huge cuts aimed at/ing that country's massive deficit and both countries also forming new governments to help restore investors' trust and now the dow is up 240 points, actually, 254, and it is already raised the losses for the entire week. and now gerri from the finance is here. do investors see a possible end for europe's troubles?
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it is good one day and bad the next. >>gerri: well, we are back over 12,000 and investors are buying stocks hands over 50 but not everyone is sanguine but these difficulties in europe are impacting the u.s. economy. that will continue to play out. but berlusconi is out. we have new leadership. and italy paying much lower interest open the bonds floating into the marketplace. so, good news. >>trace: but the trouble in europe is hitting home with mf global run by corzine that is now bankrupt and now most employees have been fired. >>gerri: they have 1,066 employees they let get. some heard about it by television. folks not happy and it is creating other problems. that is because when you let the people go the employees are scattered to the winds and who
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are the bankruptcy trust yankees going to talk to to put together the case on this company? they have hired people who figure out and do forensic investigation to find the $600 million that is missing, and it will be harder without employees there. back to you. >>trace: gerri is part the best team in business, catcher every single night on the fox business network at 5:00 eastern only on the fox business network the most powerful name in business news. if you don't get fox business network you must demand it. u.s. officials generally play down the idea bombing iran's nuclear facility but that doesn't mean some other country couldn't drop our bomb. next, word of a potential middle east arms deal. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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>>trace: the white house plans to sell our most powerful bombs to a key middle east ally to put new pressure on iran. the united nations top nuclear watch dog reported this week that iran is closer than ever to developing nuclear weapons. the "wall street journal" which is owned by the parent company of this network, reports that the obama administration is now considering selling thousands of missiles to the united arab emirates including bunker buster bombs designed to employee up blow up deep underground newing nuclear-suspected facilities. less than 100 miles across the persian gulf from iran. and now, doug is live in washington, dc. doug, what is the significance of this sale?
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>>reporter: we know iran's nuclear weapons programs are buried in bunkers deep in caves and it is no secret the selling of the bunker buster bombs. as you mention the coast is close to the uae the interior, where the weapons falls located are hundreds of miles away. listen to long time c.i.a. analyst has to say about that. >> it is curious because the bunker busters have to fly a deep distance into iran to attack the facilities and i am not sure the u.a.e. has that capability. >>reporter: and the united states has been sending signals that a strike aimed at nuclear program is full of potential short and long term risks. secretary of defense panetta spoke to that yesterday. >> you have to be careful of unintended consequences here, and those consequences could involve not only not really deterring iran from what they
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want to do, but, more importantly, it could have a serious impact in the row john and a serious impact on u.s. forces in the region. >>reporter: analysts doubt the weapons sale has anything to do with the release of the u.n.'s report which found that iran has advanced well into the later stages of developing a nuclear bomb simply because it take as long time to organize a sale such as this. >>trace: and the weapons are strictly offensive in nature, right, not defensive? >>reporter: that is true but offensive weapons can be used as defensive deter help and that could be the ultimate objective here because as far back as 2009 secretary of state hillary clinton said that u.s. was intent on building a defensive umbrella among the gulf states of oman, saudi arabia and others, to deter iran in the event they attain nuclear weapons capability. this sale could be the latest plan fest -- manifestation of
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that. >>trace: and facebook is ready to settle its privacy case with the federal trade mission and it could mean big changes for ... you. facebook will reportedly soon have to get permission from all of its 800 million or so members to change its privacy setting. that is according to the "wall street journal" which is owned by the parent company of this network. under the settle m facebook who have to submit to government privacy reviews for the next two decades. officials at facebook and the ftc have not commented. a couple of months ago gingrich was an afterthought in the g.o.p. race for president. but new presidents show that he is gaining ground and turning this into a three-way race. so, is it a flavor of the month? or is he the real deal? a real contender? we're america's natural gas
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>>trace: a lawyer for the family of missing baby lisa irwin says relatives are holing a private get together to mark the girl's first birthday. as investigators say they have run out of places to look nor her. more than a month after she vanished. that lawyer suggested police have named lisa's parents as "suspects," in the disappearance (inaudible). >> what have they told you? >> what you just said. and debbie, in particular. >> can you explain? >> i'm not at liberty to get into that. that is what is going on here. >>trace: a police spokesman told fox that is not true that they have knolled told the parents they are suspects. yesterday the f.b.i. arranged
3:23 pm
for a new interview with lisa's two half brothers. we told a forensic interviewer asked the boys ages five and eight about what they saw the night their parents say someone broke into their home and snatched baby lisa from her crib. of course the palm later told fox news she was drunk off boxed wine and may have blacked out. and now to our former defense attorney and criminal state tone. it is unclear if they knew that mom was drunk on boxed wine at the time, so, if you are an investigator what are you looking for? >> whatever they can give you. at this point they are not looking for any conclusions from the children or complete story as to what could have possibly have occurred that night. what they are trying to do is find out any evidence whatever even if the children believe it to be insignificant, possibly a
3:24 pm
noise, when did they hear it, when did they see something that is innocuous but when put into a picture of the remaining evidence could actually is a huge impact on this case because they are potentially eye witnesses and they need to know everything they know. >>trace: they are eyewitnesses one was in mom's bed and the other in his own bed. are they still reliable more than a month after the incident? >> this is a bad practice and a bad move on the part of the parents. children make the toughest witnesses. and their memories do not hold up the way adults do. they do not remember details and they do not remember calendar dates you have to get to children right away when the memory is fresh and get whatever details you can out to contribute to the investigation. waiting more than a month is very, very grave for this investigation and terrible mistake by the parents and their attorney who should have
3:25 pm
encouraged them to bring the children in straight off and assist with the investigation. >>trace: you have the prosecutor, the attorney saying, yes, she a suspect and the police have said so and the cops say, no, and the cops have said we think you are involved. >>guest: they have indicated that indirectly. the rob here is, there is a limited amount of evidence. what the police know for sure that the story of the parents is very, very weak, and very, very suspect. i would say even enough is, so that we as an audience, we as a general public, can drew a conclusion that she probably had something to do with this but the issue that they have is that there is not quite enough evidence there to go forward with a criminal charge which would require proof beyond a reasonable doubt. it is not quite there and that explains as stacey has indicated, not the best practice at this point to go back but the police are somewhat desperate in this case, they need that one
3:26 pm
other piece of evidence that is not yet available to them. >>trace: five seconds. what is your thought? >>guest: i fine it devastating parents would not offer their children up right at the beginning and take the police focus off the family so they don't waste time and they can find out what exactly happened here. >>trace: thank you both. good conversation. a baffling investigation. more on the possible legal ramifications for penn state officials linked to the child sex abuse scandal. that is also coming up. and brand new information on the armed kidnapping of the catcher for the washington nationals.
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>>trace: this is "studio b" at the bottom the hour. and there are reports that the now ex-penn state coach has hired a criminal defense attorney and to other school officials are facing charges they covered up child sex abuse allegations against former defensive coordinator sandusky. in a stun difficult development, paterno and the school president got fired this week. as i mentioned, neither is facing charges but the investigation does not appear to be over and there is the possibility that the alleged victims could file civil
3:31 pm
lawsuits. and now back to our legal opinion el, former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. steve as the defendants start talking and cutting deals, do you for see any charges coming down the pike against paterno? >> i don't for see criminal charges. i for see a lot of other ramifications beyond just his job. what i do see is the possibility of even the legislature changing the law because unfortunately he doesn't seem to be indicated under the mandatory reporting statue and that is a problem because school administration and teachers are mandatory reporters and coaches and people in his position are not. and that could be changed. the other issue he has is the possibility of while not criminal charges but civil. where i see his biggest weakness in this case is the fact this when he had knowledge of this, when he did nothing about it other than what he was absolutely required to do
3:32 pm
pursuant to his job, knowing that nothing happened, allowing it to continue, the victims continued to pile up. so, what he did with his inaction, was in effect, to allow those children to be abused after he had knowledge of it and that is where i think he might have a legal issue. >>trace: and putting this picture on the screen, stacy the receiver's cope, a greater quaterback in the 1990's a big day, a great athlete. put a picture on the screen. there he is. on the field, you see he is a big and imposing guy and he walked in and he witnessed at that time a 59-year-old man sodomizing a 10-year old boy, what do you make of the fact he just turned and ran? >>guest: it is mindboggling, i think everyone is stunned. i also think he delayed and didn't report until the next day and had a conversation with his father about it, about what to
3:33 pm
do and i just can't imagine that he could be that intimidated by the system and by the administration at the university that he didn't as a human being take some action, more than just reporting it to paterno and have a little bit more responsibility. again, his legal responsibility, that is questionable under the reporting statute, i grow, and it is difficult to have copes have legal liability to report abuse but there is a human element. these are human beings and what was going on in the minds of all these gentleman? when they failed to take action when they saw that. >>trace: they knew in 1998 when they investigated this, cot weres were told, the d.a. knew about this in 2003 they knew. and it went on and on and on because no one was willing to
3:34 pm
step up. >>guest: and that is where the most egregious over finance -- offense lies. they did nothing and something else happened and now the news coming out and it has been reported on this show that it is now extending into other states wherever the away games were. everyone that had knowledge of this, even for the individuals that reported it, pursuant to what they are required under the rules of their job, was not enough and when they saw there was no follow-up, they had the further obligation of making sure that this guy stopped. it is not only to address the justice involved in the assault, the one in 1998 and the other one that just recently came to light which is more egregious that those kids need to be protected. >>trace: you are right, steve. and stacy, thank you both the >>trace: new details in the kid naturalling of a promising major league baseball store. they have ramped up the senator for washington nationals capper
3:35 pm
wilson ramos and the amended gunman who snatched him. an s.u.v. stopped directly in front of the house in venezuela on wednesday nice and the man pointed guns at ramos and demanded he get in the car and not look at their faces. then, they drove off. police say they believe ramos is still alib. a spokesman for president chavez government says cops have made sketchy of two kidnapping suspects and officials are working 24 hours a day to solve the case. but keep in mind, that country has one of the highest murder rates in all of latin america and hundreds of reported abductions take place in venezuela each year. and now to phil keating in south florida newsroom. this kidnapping is getting special treatment this, right? phil: absolutely. venezuela has so many of these kidnappings for extortion money. they have a ransom express, two
3:36 pm
time as day it happened if that country, and someone is abducted, the families are called and maybe $400,000 in cash is paid and they get set free. typically, if violence at the end of the source so that is something for the family of wilson ramos to lock to. but it is a top priority, a celebrity in venezuela, not that well-known in the united states but in venezuela she a local boys would made it big, playering in the major league baseball league in the united states, association everyone is paying attention to this story. they put 80 of the most highly skilled antikidnapping police agents on to this and they set up barricades and this morning there was a blitz of searches, invasions of homes where they thought maybe the kidnappers and ramos being held. unfortunately, all of those did not pan out. >>trace: we know he is alive. why are they so confident they
3:37 pm
will find ramos? phil: the kidnappers made obvious mistakes. the concepts will soon be distributed, the descriptions. they are driving a bright orange s.u.v. seen several times before the kidnapping through the neighborhood. so there could be additional witness information on where they could be from. and they have three scenarios: number one, this is the well then, well organized kidnapping extortion gangs operating in venezuela. number two, could be local criminals locking to make some quick cash. or, three, other criminals, maybe a moderate sized gang but this is their first time. police say they have made several mistakes along the way but they feel confident they are going to get this resolved. tonight, in washington, dc, at nationals stadiums there is a vigil planned for 6:00 p.m. to
3:38 pm
rally support. trace trace phil, thank you. and now, the former lead international kidnapping negotiator for the f.b.i., and managing director for the kidnapping resolution practice at security firm and the question here, we know they want money. why no demand yet? >>guest: well, you don't know for sure that there aren't any demands. if there are demands the family would be doing the right thing about keeping quiet. they want this resolved and get him out of there. the high profile nature is putting a lot of pressure on kidnappers and they will be worried about getting out and getting away. there are aspects they will want to keep quiet to get him out safely. >>trace: this is a "do or die", really, one of the things where if they don't get what they want and there have been a number of cases where other athletes and families have been
3:39 pm
abducted so if they don't get what they want, this is a bad scenario. >>guest: well, absolutely, but they are used to getting what they want. in many cases a crime homicide is different than the crime of kidnapping. people in kidnapping gangs might kill someone quickly over an argument but they would not kill a victim because the victim has value. that is why they do it in the first place. so, as long as they maintain the value, the chance of getting him out are good. >>trace: there is a lot of value because the number of kidnappings in venezuela in recent times has skyrocketed. how do you handle these? pay the money and get out? get it over? it is a business? get it and move on? >>guest: that is how the kidnapping skyrocketed. when the police are everwomen and they do not have the ability to slow it down kidnapping is easy, fast money, some criminals change away from other methods of making money because kidnapping is so easy if the infrastructure is not this to slow them down.
3:40 pm
what the police speed more -- need more resources. they need help to slow the problem. >>trace: thank you, former kidnapping negotiator. governor rick perry had a big time flub and herman cain is still fighting harassment claims but gingrich is surging. and then there is romney coming up chris wallace joins us for at look at this week in the presidential race. plus, a son dies serving country and she turns her grief into action and sets off on an incredible journey that incredible journey that culminates on veterans day. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion.
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3:44 pm
a three way tie with romney and cain after polling near the bottom of the pack. according to the cbs news policy cain holds a lead over the others despite the recent sexual harassment scandal. but when you factor in the margin of error it is basically a dead heat. and another new poll out today shows gingrich on the rise and that same poll has herman cain dropping to third place since the sexual harassment allegations came to light. cain has repeat through denied he sensually harassed anyone. he is riding eyebrows for a joke about anita hill who accused then supreme court nominee clarence thomas of harassment back in 1991. >> the latest news, anita hill will be here.
3:45 pm
>> on a radio program this morning, herman cain said he did not mean it as an insult. with us now is chris wallace. it is kind of like the tortoise and the hare, romney in front, then herman cain or rick perry, and then herman cain and all along you have gingrich moving along. >>chris: gingrich has gone from the become of the pack to the middle to now the front tier right up there in both of those, one tied for second and the other alone in second but in the margin of error he could be tied for the lead. gingrich is now a real player and obviously he has done well in the debates and he has taken shots at the media and republican primary voters like that so he is a player in this
3:46 pm
case. no question. and cain has faltered. in both these polls. in the poll that he is leading the cbs poll he has gone from the 20's to 18 percent and especially among women a poll taken since the allegations of sexual harassment from 28 percent support to 15 percent support so that is where most his drop comes. he clearly has been hurt. why think he is fatally hurt but he has taken a hit. and the other thing and again to the cbs poll where it is 18 percent and 15 percent and 15 percent, this race is wide open. the republican electoral, seven in ten have not made up their minds. it is absolutely up for grabs. not only among those three but among some of the people trailing them. >>trace: what is it in the debates? you lock at herman cain and you know why she losing. why is gingrich gaining?
3:47 pm
is it the the debates? >>chris: the debates for him because he has not had enough money and we hear from the last couple of weeks he is raising money. he was broke, in debt. so he had almost in campaign on the ground, the old retail style of campaigning especially early states like iowa and new hampshire he did not do that and was kept alive by the debates but opposed to other times where it is a question of your ground game and meeting and the townhall meetings, this is a nationalized campaign with the debates, nine or ten of them, gingrich has stood out, always been first or second in all the assessments of who has done well, and it has helped and a case now where the national success in the debates has caused the presidents to rise which is causing the fundraising to move up so now he can have a
3:48 pm
ground game. >>trace: and your opinion on this, rick perry. done? >>chris: i will never say anyone is done. people were saying gingrich was continue two months ago and look what happened. people said cain was done last week. he is still in it. we are still 55 days away from the first person voting. i will let the people decide. they do a better choice anyway. >>trace: chris, great to see you. thank you. of course, chris anchors fox news sunday this weekend and will have pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey and south carolina democratic congressman james clyburn members of the congressional super committee this weekend on fox news sunday. >>trace: new calls for action from the parents of a murdered border agent and though are blaming white house officials for the death of their son.
3:49 pm
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>>trace: the family of a murdered u.s. border patrol agent is accusing government officials of a coverup. he was gunned down last year near the arizona border with mexico. officials say they found two weapons at the scene linked to the controversial "fast and furious," weapons sting. attorney general holder said this week that the controversial tactic should never have happened and it must never happen again. but agent terry's parents are now calling for the attorney general to step down. and now like to phoenix, arizona. william? >> we have talked fast and furious for ten months and examined the evidence and witnessed the controversy but
3:53 pm
little has been said about the life of the man whose death helped suppose this controversy. his parents say he was an athletic kid, and he joined the marines around 18 years old and became a cop, and then entered the border patrol late in life at age 39. he was called superman and bunched 475 and carried a colleague on his back for three miles in the sand in full gear. he liked the girls and drove the corvette fast on the back roads of arizona his adopted home but he would go back to detroit to see the lions, tigers and the wolverines and always brought his mother a present. he and his father loved cars and they would spend time together sitting in the garage. he would be alive today if officials, the a.t.f., and the u.s. attorney and the justice department had done their job according to the family, if they had spoke up when they learned that "operation fast and furious
3:54 pm
," helped sell guns to the cartel. >> i have trouble going to the cemetery, he ain't supposed to be there. i am. instead of him. but ... nobody wants to outlive their son. >> family has gotten few answers and to do that they will file a lawsuit, probably in the next few months. trace? >>trace: william, thank you from phoenix. a florida judge giving drivers the green light to flash their headlights. and a lawyer calls the ruling a major victory for free speech. that's next. what's better than gold ?
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>>trace: bus drivers in florida can 19 their headlights with a judge saying it is legal to do it to warn oncoming traffic of police speed traps ahead. this after a 25-year-old man sued after he got a ticket for flashing his lights. the lawyer calling that a violation of a driver's right to free speech. and, a god day on the corner of wall and broad. the dow up 262 points. which means for the week your 401(k) is about


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